Saturday and Sunday Qualifiers to The BIG One Now Scheduled Each Week

Weekly qualifying to The BIG One has taken place for much of the year. So far, 21 of the 50 allotted spots to the September 19-20 tournament — which will now take place online here rather than onsite at Laurel — have been won. That leaves 29 spots to fill and three months to fill them. So we’re doubling up.

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Jeffrey Harryman Wins Laurel Champions Tournament

Jeffrey Harryman turned a starting bankroll of $200 into $2,214.50 to win the Laurel Champions Tournament at Laurel Park on Saturday, August 18. Harryman won a $10,000 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge entry, a cash bonus of $2,790, plus his final bankroll total was his to keep. His total return: cash and prizes worth $15,004.50.

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Player’s Diary–The BIG One at Laurel

By John Gaspar

(John Gaspar was one of 56 contestants at the 2017 renewal of The BIG One at Laurel Park. Shortly after the competition, Gaspar wrote a lengthy recap of his experiences and thought processes during his three days in Maryland. We thought veteran players might enjoy another player’s perspective–and that those unfamiliar with contest play might find it interesting to follow along with John through the great many decisions he was faced with over the two-day contest. What follows is John’s unabridged, 8,000+ word take on The BIG One.)

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