Free NHC Qualifier With Five Seats Guaranteed and Last Chance for Ultimate Betting Challenge Among the Highlights of a Pick & Pray Weekend at HorseTourneys and HorsePlayers

Religious handicappers should have an edge this weekend with the majority of our featured events taking place in Pick & Pray format. (New converts to the prayerful life are always welcome at our house of worship.) By far, the most popular service will take place on Saturday, when there will be five chosen ones in the NHC qualifier at HorsePlayers. Even better, no collection basket will be circulated. That’s one reason the pews will be crowded that day. Of course, our weekend featured-tourney offerings are plentiful enough to accommodate any schedule. They begin on Friday. So without any further ado, let us pray.

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For California Doctor, Contest Play Proves to be Just the Right Prescription

Dr. Ronald Tang has a lot going on in his life these days. The 39-year-old South Pasadena, Calif, resident maintains a busy schedule as an oncologist and hematologist. And he and his wife Winnie welcomed their first child, Siena, into the world just four weeks ago. Tang still makes time to play the races, however. In fact, he does so on a pretty darned regular basis.

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Dylan Donnelly Takes Two More This Week, Including Yet Another Via Tiebreaker; Ronald Tang Earns Seats to both The BIG One and BCBC; Raymond Riley Collects in Every Race En Route to $8,000 (Weekly Recap, February 24-28)

With the bulk of the Saturday and Sunday featured events run in Live format, multiple winners were in shorter supply this week. We still had a couple of them, however, and as we all know by now, surprisingly good performances can pop up just about anywhere. 

A great example is what Raymond Riley accomplished on Friday.

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Final Weekend of Qualifying to Ultimate Betting Challenge and Gotham Challenge Make for Challenging Final Few Days of February

We challenge you to come up with a word that the handicapping contest world likes more than “challenge”. It seems to be kind of a go-to word when christening a tournament…or contest…and not without some reason, given that putting up a four-figure entry fee is sometimes a challenge in itself. 

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Hard to Have Better Picks than Charlie Ricks; Zachary Agamenoni Makes the Most Out of a Little; Tiebreakers Suit Dylan Donnelly…but Thwart Evan Trommer (Weekly Recap, February 17-21)

There’s a 1960 episode of The Twilight Zone called “A Most Unusual Camera” in which three thieves come into possession of a camera that takes and immediately prints out pictures that are five minutes into the future. So where do they go with it? Where else? To the track!

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First Qualifier to the Lone Star Million Betting Challenge Plus $77,000 in Guaranteed Cash Headline Pick & Pray Weekend

Contest Players have their first opportunity on Sunday to qualify for Memorial Day’s Lone Star Million Betting Challenge—which caps off three consecutive days of NHC qualifiers down in the Dallas Metroplex. (Things should have warmed up down there by then, we hope.) That qualifier is just one of 25 marquee games on tap this weekend. 

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Four Saturday Tourney Triumphs and Then Some for Michael Goodrich; Bad Night’s Sleep Leads to a Good Day at the Races for Alistair Wallbaum; Rick Broth is the First One to The BIG One (Weekly Recap, February 10-15)

Two weekends ago, a preponderance of Pick & Prays prompted a plethora of multiple winners. Still, no one had a day then like Michael “The Coach” Goodrich had this past Saturday.

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First Qualifiers to The BIG One and Monmouth Pick Your Prize Plus NHC “First Chance/Last Chance” Play-In Highlight Presidents Day Weekend

Presidents Day means four days of featured-tourney weekend action rather than the usual three. Sprinkled into the mix are two new offerings on Saturday and one on Sunday. 

We kick things off, though, on Friday—and, relatively speaking, it’s a pretty loaded schedule.

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The 2021 Edition of The BIG One Set For September 18-19 Again Here at HorseTourneys; First Qualifier Offered This Sunday.

For the second consecutive year, The BIG One — racing’s “High Expectation Tournament” — will be hosted online here at HorseTourneys rather than onsite at its traditional home, Laurel Park.

A reflection of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the decision to keep the event online for another year means that The BIG One will again have one of the most player-friendly prize structures of any contest in the country.

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