Thanksgiving Day Kicks Off Extended Holiday Weekend with 24 Featured Tourneys, Including Three Big Bucks Games, Four Flo-Cal Faceoff Qualifiers and Three Pegasus Play-Ins

Thanksgiving weekend is understandably being celebrated on a smaller scale this year—but not at HorseTourneys! With so many staying home, we’re ramping up with 24 marquee competitions from Thursday to Sunday, including five features on Turkey Day itself.

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Three Players Guaranteed to Win Significant Bonus Prizes in 2021 Tourney Triple

You may have heard that the Flo-Cal Faceoff (January 9-10, $150,000 Gtd.), the Players Championship (April 2-3) and the Spa & Surf Showdown (August 14-15) make up the new 2021 Tourney Triple series here at HorseTourneys. And you may already realize that annuity bonuses worth $2 million and $1 million are available should someone sweep the series or capture two of the three legs.

Did you know, though, that three valuable bonus prizes will definitely be won by those who perform the best across the three events?

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Edward Lohn Earns NHC Berth Despite Failing to Enter Picks in Three of Ten Races; Timothy Jacobs Wins Pegasus Seat on Friday, Cash on Sunday; Dylan Donnelly Grabs Last Chance Del Mar Seat and Also Pads NHC Tour Lead (Weekly Recap November 18-22)

With 20+ featured tourneys every week, you’d think a somewhat monotonous “sameness” would set in, with one contest playing out pretty much the same as the next one. However, high volume can yield a wider range of outcomes, and we certainly saw an unusual one on Friday.

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“Winter Rules” Now In Effect

This blog is sent out annually as a reminder of some tweaks we here at HorseTourneys employ to try and mitigate the effects of winter weather on scheduling.  For beginners and veteran tourney players alike, it’s always a good idea for a quick refresher:

As we roll into the winter months, it’s a good idea that we explain our approach to scheduling, which we tweak this time of year.  We’ve employed this approach every year, and it just bears a quick reminder every November or so as chilly temperatures descend across the land.

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Frank Gryboski Jr. and Howard Welsh Run One-Two in Big Bucks Tourney—Twice; Wendy Long Records Saturday and Sunday Flo-Cal Victories; Robert Turner the First to Earn 2021 BCBC Berth (Weekly Recap November 11-15)

Some days, you need to hunt down that one longshot hiding out there in order to succeed. Other days call for stringing together a bunch of shorter-priced winners. We saw examples of both last week at HorseTourneys—and, perhaps more surprisingly, we saw players who were able to prosper by shifting gears from one day to the next.

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New Pick 4 Jackpot Tourney and First Qualifier to Next Year’s Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Top the Weekend Schedule

Two weeks ago, Ezra Garrett won $30,000 by breaking the $8 Pick 6 Jackpot ice that had remained frozen for 19 months. This weekend, we begin a new Jackpot game, a $15 Pick 4 tourney, that we hope will not be quite as hard to hit. That one begins on Saturday. On Sunday, you can become the very first person to qualify for the 2021 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

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Michael Somich Takes $45,000 Breeders’ Cup Pick & Pray and Hits the Board in Two Other Big-Money Tourneys; Steve Abelman and Matthew Bickey Each Capture $85,000 BC Competitions (Weekly Recap November 4-8)

If you were a horse trainer, it was a good weekend to be Brad Cox. If you were a HorseTourneys player, it was a good weekend to be Michael Somich…or Steve Abelman…or Matthew Bickey.

We entered Breeders’ Cup week advertising/promoting/bragging that we’d be awarding $200,000 in Guaranteed prize money across our featured tourneys. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our players, the total wound up being much more—$305,575.

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