First Qualifier to the Orleans Fall Classic – July 26

Beginning Saturday, July 26, qualifiers will be offered to the upcoming Orleans Fall Classic, to be held October 9-11 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  The Fall Classic is operated by Boyd Gaming, who also run the Horse Player World Series and Gold Coast Summer Classic.

Full package qualifiers will include the $500 entry fee to the event, four (4) nights in a PREMIUM hotel room and $500 in travel reimbursement.  Entry fees to main qualifiers will be $66 with one full package awarded per 25 entries participating.  Daily direct feeder events into main qualifiers will run $19 and award one $66 entry per 4 entries participating.

Entry-only qualifiers for the $500 entry fee only will also be offered.

ENTRY ONLY Contests Added to Weekends for Gold Coast Summer Classic

Note that ENTRY ONLY qualifiers to the upcoming Gold Coast Summer Classic will be run every weekend from now through the final qualifiers.  The ENTRY ONLY version will run on Sundays, while the FULL PACKAGE qualifiers will run on Saturdays.

Entry fees are $40 for the ENTRY ONLY qualifiers, with one $500 entry awarded per 15 entries that participate.  Note that feeders will only continue to be offered for the FULL PACKAGE version of the qualifiers.

LAST CHANCE to Qualify to Sam’s Town – Saturday, May 31

Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in Las Vegas will be hosting a handicapping contest on Friday and Saturday, June 6-7. The contest is expected to attract 300 entries and will award cash, HPWS seats and other prizes. It is a $500 buy-in, mythical event. It is run by Carol Boyd who many of you know from the Horse Player World Series and other Boyd Gaming events.

Most qualifiers offered at HorseTourneys will award the entry fee to the event, a 3-night hotel stay in a Premium Room at Sam’s Town and $500 in travel reimbursement. The first qualifier will be held Sunday, April 13, and will carry entry fees of $60, with one full package awarded per 25 entries. Daily Feeders into the main qualifiers will be offered for $17, one $60 entry per 4 entries.

For the Contest Informational Brochure, click here.
For the Official Rules, click here.

GOLD COAST Summer Classic Qualifiers Kickoff Sunday, April 6

Qualifiers to the Gold Coast Summer Classic, to be held July 24-26, 2014, at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, will begin Sunday, April 6.  The first event will feature essentially zero net takeout, as only five percent is included to cover bank fees. The qualifier will award one $400 entry-only to the Gold Coast Summer Classic per every five (5) entries participating.

Daily direct feeders will be run leading up to this initial qualifier, and will carry entry fees of $23.  One $84 entry into the April 6 qualifier will be awarded per every four (4) entries participating in those direct feeders.

Both full package (including hotel and $500 travel reimbursement) and entry-only qualifiers will be run through the first part of July.

Good Luck to All HorseTourneys Qualifiers at the Orleans Fall Classic!

We send our very best of luck to everyone representing HorseTourneys this weekend at the Orleans Fall Classic at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  Bring it on home…

Angelo Partipelo
Bill Ball
Bill Wilbur
Brandon Adami
Carl Geonie
Carl Rasak
Charles Nelson
Dane Moore
Darrell Albert
David Curich
David Snyder
Derek Lapikas
Douglas Schenk
Ed Menize
George Anderson
Jason Hill
Joe Jarvie
John Perrotta
Maurice Colpron
Mike Brown
Peter Duca
Phil Cleek
Raymond Garcia
Robert M Moore
Ronald Bauer
Ronald Richardson
Steven Ragsdale
Thomas Kirchoff
Vince LaRocco