HorseTourneys Qualifiers Cash BIG at HPWS!

The following HorseTourneys qualifiers cashed at the recent Horse Player World Series (March 26-28).  Several players also won day money, not listed here.  Congratulations to all our players.


Jim Meeks – 1st Place – $262,240
Stephen McNatton – 4th Place – $33,030
Ben Coppola – 11th Place – $3,303
Barbara Bowley – 16th Place – $3,303
Lucas Van Zandt – 20th Place – $3,303
Bill Zvara – 23rd Place – $1,651
Jonathon Kinchen – 26th Place – $1,651
Jason Phillips – 29th Place – $1,651
Eric Moomey – 32nd Place – $1,651
James Henry – 38th Place – $1,651
Robert Flaska – 40th Place – $990
Douglas Draper – 41st Place – $990
Matthew Rentze – 48th Place – $990
Bill Zvara – 49th Place – $990
Walt Nelson – 55th Place – $990
David Eckels – 56th Place – $990
Dave Snyder – 57th Place – $990
Boyd Roberts – 58th Place – $990


HPWS “Blowout” Contest Scheduled for Sunday, March 16 – Daily Direct Feeders

The Horse Player World Series (HPWS) is fast approaching, so we’ve scheduled a major HPWS qualifier on Sunday, March 16, that stands to award a major number of HPWS entries to players at HorseTourneys.

The HPWS “Blowout” contest on Sunday, March 16 will award one $1,000 entry to the HPWS per FIVE (5) players participating.  That’s a 20 percent chance to earn an entry to the HPWS two weeks prior to the event, which will be held March 27-29, 2014, at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Entries fees to the HPWS Blowout event will be $235 with up to three (3) entries allowed per player.  Direct Feeder events to this contest will be held Wednesday through Sundays beginning Feb. 5 and running through the event on March 16.

The Direct Feeder events will carry entry fees of $52 and will award one $235 entry to the HPWS Blowout per FIVE (5) entries participating.  So again, players will have a 20 percent chance to earn a $235 entry into the HPWS Blowout event per Feeder event.

If you have any questions on this contest or the feeders, please contact us at

DIRECT Feeders to Horse Player World Series (HPWS) Weekend Qualifiers Now Held Daily

From now through the Horse Player World Series in March, HorseTourneys will run daily, low-cost feeder contests that will feed into the main HPWS qualifiers held every weekend. We’ll host a main HPWS “ENTRY ONLY” qualifier every Saturday, and a main HPWS “FULL PACKAGE” qualifier every Sunday.

-HPWS Entry-Only Feeders: $19 to Win $50 entry to Saturday qualifier, 1 per 3 entries awarded

-HPWS FULL PACKAGE Feeders: $26 to Win $96 entry to Sunday qualifier, 1 per 4 entries awarded

The main HPWS qualifiers on each weekend date will rotate between the REGULAR and PICK & PRAY selections formats. I.e., one weekend, both qualifiers will run under the REGULAR format, while the next weekend, both will run under the PICK & PRAY format. This gives players a chance to play in both formats on a regular basis.

Please note that ALL HPWS Feeder events will run under the PICK & PRAY format.

Entry-Only HPWS qualifiers may be offered on other dates in addition to the weekly Saturday qualifier.

Contact us with any questions and best of luck in your HPWS pursuits.