Using Site Credit to Purchase Entries to Live Tournaments


A salesman once described whole life insurance to me as “a flexible piece of financial property.” Well, so is HorseTourneys site credit!

Okay, so perhaps HorseTourneys site credit doesn’t pay dividends or grow on a tax-deferred basis. And, no, you can’t borrow against it. But it CAN be used for something other than paying for HorseTourneys contests. It can also be used to buy entries to most of the tournaments for which we run qualifiers.


With the Horse Player World Series now just 30 days away, and HPWS qualifiers suddenly filling up faster than Joey Chestnut at a hot-dog eating contest, it seems like a relevant time to remind you that if you have yet to secure an entry—or if you wish you had an additional entry—you have the option of obtaining one or more without dipping into your bank account.

Enough HorseTourneys regulars have taken advantage of this (often after a big win in a cash tournament) that we just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the site-credit option just in case it was of interest.

There is a small $10 handling fee associated with the transaction and it must be completed at least 14 days prior to the contest in question. Everything else you might need to know is included here:

HorseTourneys site credit—it won’t protect your family’s future like life insurance, but it’s a lot more fun.

1 thought on “Using Site Credit to Purchase Entries to Live Tournaments

  1. I appreciate you sending me these Eric Wing Blogs and info.
    If I had to rely on myself to look at your site, I would probably only check in once a month or so. This way, one easy click puts me in touch with your site.


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