What Do HorseTourneys Players Think is the Right Payout Cap?

Back in June, we sent our players some survey questions to get their opinions on various aspects of play on our site. One of them asked at what level payoff caps should be set.  It had been approximately three and a half years since we’d queried players on this topic, so we felt it was time to see if sentiment might have changed.

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HT Classic: Why Can’t Players Get Free PPs or Make Tourney Selections Sooner?

Recently, our support@horsetourneys.com customer service email account has gotten a few queries from players eager to get a quick start on their handicapping and on their contest selections. They knew that entries for a given day had already been drawn and were wondering why the tourneys they had signed up for weren’t yet open to accept selections or to offer PPs. We went into that topic in a fair amount of depth on March 7 of last year, so here is that blog again for those who are curious about these sorts of timelines:

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Why Can’t Players Get Free PPs or Make Tourney Selections Sooner?

In most cases, entries for a given day’s races are taken three days prior to race day (e.g. Wednesday for Saturday, Thursday for Sunday, etc.). So how come HorseTourneys rules state that players typically are not able to make their contest selections—or gain access to the free Brisnet past performances available—until roughly 24 hours before the start of a tourney?

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Multiple $500 Travel Allowances Require 1099-MISC

Please be aware that players winning multiple $500 travel allowances in a given calendar year must be issued a 1099-MISC in accordance with Federal tax law.  For instance, if a player collects for two travel allowances totaling $1,000 in a given calendar year, the player will be issued a 1099-MISC in January of the following year.  Players have the option of exchanging additional $500 travel reimbursements for site credit if desired.  A W-9 must be filled out and returned to HorseTourneys before funds for multiple travel allowances will be issued.

Don’t Forget! You Can Use Site Credit to Purchase Entries Directly to Many Contests

Players may use site credit at HorseTourneys to purchase entries directly to certain contests.

In an effort to allow players at HorseTourneys to have more options with using their HorseTourneys site credit, we are now allowing HorseTourneys players to purchase entries directly to contests held at outside venues using their HorseTourneys site credit.

This means that players may use Bankroll Builders and Head-to-Head events for the purposes of stockpiling credits toward purchasing entries directly to contests such as the Horse Player World Series (HPWS), Gold Coast, Wynn, Orleans Fall Championship, etc.

Note the following stipulations:

  1. The contest that a player wishes to purchase entries to with HorseTourneys credit must be a contest that HorseTourneys already offers qualifying spots to. For example, this would include contests such as the Wynn, Gold Coast, Treasure Island, Orleans Fall Championship, Horse Player World Series (HPWS) and other contests offered at HorseTourneys.
  2. A $10 handling fee will be added onto the cost of the entry purchased. Example: player wishes to purchase a Gold Coast entry for $400 from site credit. A total of $410 in site credit would be required to purchase the entry and would be deducted from the player balance.
  3. Only entries may be purchased through this option. Full packages, hotel portions or otherwise are not eligible for purchase.
  4. If a player wishes to deposit additional funds to increase an existing site credit balance to the amount necessary to purchase an entry to an event, the player must add an additional 5 percent on top of the deposited amount to cover bank fees associated with the deposit.
  5. Purchases must be requested at least 14 days prior to the date of the contest. This provides time for HorseTourneys to compile all entries and make the proper payment to the contest venue per our normal accounting procedures.


  1. Send us a Customer Support request through the Customer Support Form, or email us at support@horsetourneys.com. You simply need to detail:
    • Your name and email address associated with the account
    • Contest to which you are requesting purchase
    • The number of entries you are requesting purchase of
    • The player name you wish to assign the entry(s) to, if someone other than yourself (most entries are transferable)
  2. HorseTourneys will deduct the amount of the entry(s) and handling fee from your account balance.
  3. HorseTourneys will make the payment to the contest venue on your behalf and ensure that you are registered for the contest. You would need to do nothing more regarding payment or registration unless required by the contest venue.

Contact us at support@horsetourneys.com if you have questions on the above.