Points-Based Scoring Parameters Changed Effective Thursday, 4/9


Beginning Thursday, April 9, new scoring parameters for the recently-introduced POINTS-BASED scoring will be in place.

Why are we making this change?

After two months of observation, it has become clear to us that the previous parameters overvalued short-priced horses to a degree that we felt was unacceptable. That we would make changes was expected, as we had assumed that some tweaking of the parameters would be necessary. We wanted a good look at the data and trends before making any changes.

While the intent of this format still remains in rewarding consistency, we felt bonus points needed to be increased, so that players picking horses other than the most likely winners were rewarded.

It’s important to point out that the ROI component of the points-based system is still far from that of the standard $2 Win/Place format, so players can still be assured that consistency in selecting winners will still be the primary factor. But, we believe that winners will now exhibit a greater mix of prices. The new parameters are as follows:

WIN: 100 points
PLACE: 50 points
SHOW: 30 points

WIN BONUS POINTS (based on final WIN payout):
any up to $4.00: 0 points
$4.01 to $6.00: 0 points
$6.01 to $8.00: 24 points
$8.01 to $10.00: 36 points
$10.01 to $14.00: 48 points
$14.01 to $20.00: 60 points
$20.01 to $32.00: 84 points
$32.01 and up: 96 points

PLACE BONUS POINTS (based on final PLACE payout):
any to $3.00: 0 points
$3.01 to $4.00: 9 points
$4.01 to $5.00: 12 points
$5.01 to $7.00: 18 points
$7.01 to $9.00: 24 points
$9.01 to $12.00: 30 points
$12.01 to $15.00: 42 points
$15.01 and up: 48 points

3 thoughts on “Points-Based Scoring Parameters Changed Effective Thursday, 4/9

  1. At least at first consideration this change appears to make a lot of sense. It should result in revealing the better handicappers and value seekers in most contest settings.


  2. The new scoring is only different in that it does not help the handicapper as much as it helps the bomb throwers. Just pick all 10-1 or higher and have 1 or 2 hit, you not only get the points but you get extra points. Today, 11 people picked a 40-1 shot, they all finished on top, only one had another winner. That’s not handicapping. Deduct their losing tickets and maybe one would have bee in the money. Make tournaments 6 out of 8 or 8 out of 10, you won’t have 10 or 20 bomb throwers hitting the same race.


    • Strongly disagree and not sure you’ve looked at this closely enough. A cap horse in this setup is still worth only 198 points. One bomb will not come anywhere close to winning in this setup, as the bonus is worth only 98 points, or less than one additional winner of any price. What it does do is make a strike like that 2x more valuable than someone picking a short priced winner. One could argue that it should be even higher. This format isn’t anywhere close to catering to bomb throwers.


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