First HorseTourneys Podcast

In the first installment of the HorseTourneys Podcast, Eric and McKay discuss why we’re nuts enough to try and do this, preview the Spa & Surf Showdown, and provide some insight on approaching Live contests.

Access the Podcast on SoundCloud here

1 thought on “First HorseTourneys Podcast

  1. Great concept, guys, and very well implemented. I look forward to more.
    One passing thought: Eric said that winning the Wynne tournament in 2015 was a highlight in his life, not just his horse racing life. Over the years, I have asked friends and mere acquaintances to identify the “most exciting” experience in their lives with the “standard” answer being the birth of a child, their wedding, a trip or the like. My most exciting moment occurred in connection with horse racing (a last to first rally in a Graded stakes race for a horse of which I was a part owner) and only those of us who have been infected with this shared love of the game can identify with that excitement.
    Congratulations on the Webcast! Keep it going and stay true to your stated putpose!


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