Del Mar Handicapping Challenge Qualifiers Start Feb. 2

HorseTourneys will begin offering qualifiers to the 2014 Del Mar Handicapping Challenge, to be held July 26-27 at Del Mar outside of San Diego.

The Del Mar Handicapping Challenge is a mega live-bankroll contest that carries an entry fee of $6,000 (representing a player’s bankroll).  In addition to cash prizes, qualifying seats to both the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge and Daily Racing Form/NTRA National Handicapping Championship are offered through this contest.

Qualifiers begin at HorseTourneys on Sunday, Feb. 2.  While qualifying parameters may change, the initial qualifier will carry an entry fee of $240 and will offer one qualifying package to the Del Mar Handicapping Challenge per 38 entries participating.  The package will include the $6,000 entry fee/bankroll to the event PLUS $1,000 in travel reimbursement that will be provided to the player upon arriving at Del Mar.  Site credit prizes will be awarded to 2nd thru 4th place finishers in these main qualifiers.

Daily direct feeders will be run into each main Del Mar qualifier.  Those daily direct feeders will carry entry fees of $53 and award one $240 entry per 5 entries participating.

Click here for the complete Official Rules of the 2014 Del Mar Handicapping Challenge

Please let us know if you have any questions.

5 thoughts on “Del Mar Handicapping Challenge Qualifiers Start Feb. 2

  1. McKay,

    I see that the maximum entries is at 38. Will that be the actual and final cutoff?
    It’s somewhat disappointing when HorseTourneys expands these numbers at the last minute.



    • Stephen,

      Like in any of our qualifiers, we only expand the entries if we feel there’s a reasonable chance for another spot/package to be awarded (or, in the case of low-cost feeders, so that additional players can participate in a given contest). In this case it’s unlikely that there’d be enough volume to move two packages, so there’s probably very little chance that it would be expanded, at least for this initial contest until a more definitive level of demand for the main qualifiers is determined. -McKay


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