12 Percent Bonus! – Tuesday Only, Aug. 11



TODAY ONLY, Tuesday, Aug. 11

Receive 12 percent bonus on any deposit TUESDAY ONLY, AUG. 11

Minimum Deposit Eligible: $25
Maximum Deposit Eligible: $3,000

Example: Deposit $100, receive additional $12 posted to account next morning

Bonus credits will be posted to player accounts overnight, before 8:00 a.m. ET Wednesday, Aug. 12

Deposit must be made by midnight EDT the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 11

*REMINDER: Like any deposit, because HorseTourneys pays fees on deposits, the balance of entire deposit, including bonus applied, must be played in contests at HorseTourneys before funds may be withdrawn. As always, winnings (minus remaining deposit balance, if any) may be withdrawn immediately

5 Percent Rebate! July 2 thru July 14 – 5 Percent Back on ALL Entry Fees

From Thursday, July 2, through Tuesday, July 14, all players will receive a 5 percent rebate on ALL entry fees played on contests during this time period.
Promotion Details:
-Players will receive a 5 percent rebate on entry fees played on any contests at HorseTourneys that run from July 2 through July 14 (Example: Player plays $100 in entry fees; receives $5 in cash back to account).
-The rebate will be applied back to player accounts daily, overnight (before 8:00 a.m. ET the following morning) and will represent 5 percent of all entry fees played combined the previous day.  The credited will appear as “Promotional Credit” in your My Account transaction statement.
-Rebate only applies to contests that are played through to completion (any cancelled entries, either user-enacted or due to not reaching contest minimums, are not eligible for rebate)
-Rebate only applies to contests that RUN between July 2 and July 14.
-Rebate credits must be used in future contests and may not be withdrawn individually from accounts.
-Rebate only applies to paid entries and does not apply to auto-entries won into future contests through feeder events (Example: if player wins $155 entry to an NHC qualifier through a $17 feeder, the rebate is not applied on the $155 entry, only on the $17 feeder)
Any questions on this promotion, please direct to them to us through the Customer Support form or email us directly at support@horsetourneys.com.

NEW! SURVIVOR Format – Win/Place/Show Elimination

We’ve re-tooled the existing “In the Money” format to the more typical elimination-style SURVIVOR format that players are accustomed to.

In the SURVIVOR format, players receive one (1) point per correct Win, Place or Show selection in contest races (regardless of finishing position). Once a player misses on a selection, that entry is eliminated from contention. The player(s) with the most number of correct CONSECUTIVE selections will be win or share the designated prizes. Please note that currently, ALL Survivor contests will be run under the PICK & PRAY format.

Please pay special attention to important points regarding the SURVIVOR format:

(1) Points are awarded for each correct selection in CONSECUTIVE races (in chronological order according to the contest schedule). Because races can sometimes run and be scored out of chronological order, it is important to note that points may be awarded and displayed on the leaderboard for races that finish out of consecutive order (for instance, if the 5th race is scored before the 4th race). Ultimately, prizes are awarded based on the number of successful CONSECUTIVE selections, and the scoring system will update accordingly once all consecutive races have been scored.

(2) If the field size of any race is reduced to where only Win and Place or Win only is paid out through the pari-mutuel pools, only horses that receive those payouts will be considered “in the money” selections for the purposes of this contest and this contest format.


HorseTourneys is now MOBILE – m.horsetourneys.com

A new mobile site – m.horsetourneys.com – has just launched. If you are using a mobile device, your device will likely point to the mobile site upon visit. If it does not, navigate to m.horsetourneys.com from your device to access the mobile site.

The new site has been designed to make navigating on smaller devices easier, especially when making selections. For the most part, the mobile site operates the same way as the main site, but in a tighter package.

When making picks, players designate their Primary pick by selecting the “Pick” option for the menu when selecting a horse. To designate your Alternate selection, use the “Alt” option when selecting a horse. Selections still must be saved as they must on the full desktop version.



MY ACCOUNT Section Upgraded; Includes Transaction Detail, Balance Tracking

If you visit the “My Account” section (top right near account balance once logged in), you’ll notice some major improvements to that section, especially relating to your transaction history.  This new tracking is effective from October 16 onward.  An example of the new transaction history display is below:

Detail is now provided for all of the following: 
  • Deposits
  • Purchases
  • Withdrawals
  • User Cancellations (when player cancels an entry themselves)
  • Breakage Refunds
  • Prize Credits (winnings)
  • Balance Adjustments (those done manually by administrators)
  • Coupon Redemptions
  • Contest Cancellations (usually, when a contest does not fill to minimum entries)
  • Auto-Entries (when you win an entry into a future contest)
  • Declined Withdrawals (if your withdrawal was declined for any reason)
You may filter by transaction type using the drop-down menu on the upper right of the transaction section.  This will be helpful for players especially around tax season if total amount of purchases or deposits is desired:
You may also change details of your account profile (note that email change requests are sent to us via email and must be changed by HorseTourneys administrators).
We hope you find these new features useful; please contact us with any questions.

Now Accepting Paypal for Deposits

We’re now accepting Paypal for deposits.  The option to deposit with Paypal is included in the drop-down menu under Payment Type on the main Deposit page.

Also note that Paypal may be used to withdraw amounts up to $600.  It’s a fast, safe and easy way to withdraw more quickly from your account rather than waiting for a check.

Please note that deposits with Paypal will not register correctly for users using Internet Explorer 7 or earlier.  If you have deposited using any of these older browsers and have not seen the credit to your HorseTourneys account, email us for help.

Improvement: Race Names Now Listed on Pick & Pray® Leaderboards

We’ve added race labels with vertical orientation on all Pick & Pray leaderboards moving forward. This improvement makes it easier for players to recognize the proper picks column for each contest event.

PLEASE NOTE: This improvement involves HTML code that is only supported by more recent internet browsers. Older browsers, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer, will not support this feature. If do not see the race labels on a Pick & Pray contest, this likely means that you are using an outdated web browser and should consider upgrading to a newer version.

This improvement should be supported by the following web browsers:

Internet Explorer version 9.0 or greater
Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 or greater
Google Chrome version 4.0 or greater
Safari version 3.2 or greater

We hope you find this improvement useful.

NEW Player-Friendly Feature – Copy Picks from One Entry to Another

  • Accessible through “Speed Picks”
  • Entries must have same race schedule

Players may now copy picks from one entry to another entry that is run under the same contest schedule (i.e., uses the same races). This is a useful, time-saving feature for players that play multiple entries in multiple contests. To access the copy feature, please follow the instructions below:

1. Make picks for one of your entries using either the standard or Speed Picks interface – the copy function will not be available until picks have been made for the entry you wish to copy FROM.

2. Access the “Speed Picks” function through the blue button on your entry you wish to copy FROM. The copy function is ONLY accessible through the Speed Picks interface (but you may still use the standard interface to make your selections):

3. Locate the “Copy these picks to entry” menu available beneath the contest title:

4. Choose the other entry you wish to copy picks from your existing entry TO. A list of your active entries using the same contest schedule will display in the drop down menu:

5. A confirmation dialogue box will appear to make sure that you indeed want to copy picks. Choose OK if you wish to do so:

6. Once you click OK, your picks will be copied to the other entry and a dialogue box will appear confirming the copied picks:

7. You can return to the “View/Make Picks” summary page to confirm that your entry has been successfully copied:


A few important notes to be aware of when copying picks:

(1) You MAY copy selections from an entry into another entry that already has selections made. If you do this, your copied picks will replace any picks that have already been made in the other entry – so be careful to ensure that you wish to copy before doing so.

(2) If you copy picks from an entry that contains NO SELECTION into another entry that already contains a pick for that particular race, the existing pick in the entry that you are copying TO will remain. This is intended to make sure that players are not accidentally stuck with NO SELECTION if an error has been made by the player.

(3) You MAY copy selections from entries that include races that have already closed. If you do this, picks will only copy for the races that are still OPEN (only relevant in the Live format).

While this feature has been extensively tested, if you experience any issues, please send us an email at support@horsetourneys.com with as much detail as possible about what you are experiencing.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to introducing more player-friendly improvements down the road.

Display Change – Total Entries Now Count UP on Home Page and Buy Entries section

The totals entries display on the home page and Buy Entries section have been changed to counting UP on the total entries rather than counting down, as was done previously.  This change has been made to allow players to be able to more easily reference the total number of entries for any contest with the minimum amount of entries that are required to run the contest, which are displayed to the right of the total entries.