Explanation of Site Fees

Low Deposit Fee

What is this?: A Low Deposit Fee of 50 cents is added to charges for player deposits when the amount of the deposit is less than $20.00 (U.S.). We incur deposit fees on all player deposits, including both a flat fee per transaction as well as an overall percentage of the amount players deposit.  These fees are among our highest operating expenses.

When players deposit very low amounts (less than $20), the percentage of fees we pay on those amounts is proportionally too high, causing HorseTourneys to lose money on that play in many circumstances.

How to Avoid this Fee: By making deposits of at least $20.00 (U.S.), this fee will be avoided.

State Fee

What is this?: In order for HorseTourneys to maintain legal compliance, some states require source market fees–typically a percentage paid back to the source market of the activity–to be paid on all entry fees purchased at HorseTourneys.

As a result, a state fee (a small, percentage-based fee that varies on a state-by-state basis depending on the source-market-fee percentage we are charged by a given state) must be added to the entry fees purchased by residents of those states.  Unfortunately, state fees are obligatory and cannot be avoided if you reside in a state that requires such source-market fees.

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