Final Top 10 Standings from the Monmouth Super Qualifier

Congratulations to Rene Morety, winner of the August 26 Monmouth Super Qualifier. In addition to their cash winnings, Morety and runner-up Nick Maiuri won $10,000 entries to the 2017 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

The 3rd through 10th place finishers won seats to the 2018 NHC in addition to their cash prizes. Here is the complete Top 10 leaderboard:

Rene Morety – $2633.40

Nick Maiuri – $2471.70

Mitchell Schuman – $2,448.60

Eugene DeMarzo – $1,997

George Carr – $1,656

Peter Smeding – $1,525

Jennifer Prince – $1,310

Christos Apostolos – $1,209.90

Monte Engler – $1,194.75

Ken Seeman – $1,176

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