Christmas Comes Early for James Lisowsky; Kevin Willett Records Wednesday and Friday Victories; Jeff Van Drie Picks Eight Winners; Another Week Without Bombs…Almost (Weekly Recap, December 16-20)

Last week we commented how rare it seemed to have no cap horses come into play in any of the featured tourneys. We may have been incorrect in describing it as rare, though, because almost the same thing happened this past week.

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A Bomb-Free Week Still Manages to Yield Many High Scores, Including Those of James Morgan, Jon Hurd and Double Winners Michael Caposio, Adam Lewis and Stephen Thompson (Weekly Recap, December 9-13)

We offer featured tourneys 52 weeks a year. Last week alone, there were 29 of them. The sheer volume of action dictates that you seldom see anything you haven’t seen before, but there were two different occurrences this past week that were, if not unprecedented, at least highly unusual.

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Single-Track Flo-Cal Faceoff Qualifiers on Aqueduct and Gulfstream Among 25 Featured Events This Weekend

Think of them as unadvertised specials.

They’re not all up on the homepage just yet, but in addition to the multi-track qualifiers to the $150,000 Guaranteed Flo-Cal Faceoff this weekend, there will also be $118 Flo-Cal play-ins that focus purely on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday full cards from Aqueduct and Gulfstream. So there will be three ways to win Faceoff seats each weekend day.

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Big Week for NHC Champs Judy Wagner and Jim Benes; Robert Schintzius Sr. Takes Another Big Bucks Tourney; Sean O’Malley, Alistair Wallbaum and Steven Meier Each Double Up (Weekly Recap, December 2-6)

Outside of Triple Crown winners, one of the most exclusive clubs in horse racing is that of the NHC Champions. Sadly, that club decreased by one not long ago when the unforgettable John Conte passed away.

This past week, there was much happier news on the NHC “Alumni” front, as two past champions rose to the top once again to post important victories here at HorseTourneys and HorsePlayers.

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New Friday Big Bucks Tourney, Three NHC Qualifiers and First-Chance Play-Ins to Santa Anita and Tampa Highlight Contest Action During First Weekend of Gulfstream Championship Meet

Gulfstream Park kicked off the most anticipated portion of its season on Wednesday, and to ratchet up the excitement of their opening weekend just a bit more, we’re unveiling a weekly Friday Big Bucks tourney this week—in addition to the ones that have already become staples of our Saturday and Sunday schedules.

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HorseTourneys to Now Offer Three Big Bucks Games Each Week

They’ve always been “Big” and now they’re more frequent.

By popular demand, HorseTourneys has added a third Big Bucks event to the featured-tourney schedule each week. The new addition comes on Friday — an up-to-$20,000 Pick & Pray with $7,500 Guaranteed. As with the other Big Bucks games on Saturdays and Sundays, the entry fee is $1,150.

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Robert Schintzius Sr. and Evan Trommer Feast on Thanksgiving and Fill Up Again During the Weekend; Eddie Olczyk Lights the Lamp in Search of Second Pegasus Title; Black Friday Turns Into Chalk Friday (Weekly Recap, November 25-29)

With fewer people traveling for Thanksgiving this year, perhaps it afforded people more quality time to spend with their computer or hand-held electronic device. Whatever the reason, things were busy around here with 26 featured tourneys during the holiday week. The first of those took place on Wednesday.

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Thanksgiving Day Kicks Off Extended Holiday Weekend with 24 Featured Tourneys, Including Three Big Bucks Games, Four Flo-Cal Faceoff Qualifiers and Three Pegasus Play-Ins

Thanksgiving weekend is understandably being celebrated on a smaller scale this year—but not at HorseTourneys! With so many staying home, we’re ramping up with 24 marquee competitions from Thursday to Sunday, including five features on Turkey Day itself.

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Three Players Guaranteed to Win Significant Bonus Prizes in 2021 Tourney Triple

You may have heard that the Flo-Cal Faceoff (January 9-10, $150,000 Gtd.), the Players Championship (April 2-3) and the Spa & Surf Showdown (August 14-15) make up the new 2021 Tourney Triple series here at HorseTourneys. And you may already realize that annuity bonuses worth $2 million and $1 million are available should someone sweep the series or capture two of the three legs.

Did you know, though, that three valuable bonus prizes will definitely be won by those who perform the best across the three events?

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